Announcements 2016

22.12 Indicative statement from SKAT

21.12 Financial calendar 2017/2018

06.12 Awaiting announcement from SKAT

07.11 Major shareholder announcement

03.11 Exercise of warrants capital increase

27.10 Major shareholder announcement

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27.10 Major shareholder announcement

24.10 Course of extraordinary general meeting

24.10 Resolution to authorise the board of directors

20.10 Information to the shareholders

27.09 Extension of period for excercise of warrants

27.09 Notice convening Extraordinary General Meeting

19.09 Cancellation of EGM

16.09 Major shareholder announcement

14.09 New CEO appointed

13.09 Articles of Association

13.09 Implementation of reduction of share capital

29.08 Notice to convene extraordinary general meeting

25.08 Interim report, Q2 2016

05.08  Decisions of the extraordinary general meeting

03.08  Information to the shareholders before the extraordinary general meeting

14.07 Revised notice to convene extraordinary general meeting

08.07   Waiver of obligation to proceed with takeover on shares in Cemat A/S

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04.07   Entering severance agreements with the managing board of Cemat A/S

01.07 Notice to convene extraordinary general meeting

01.07 Conclusion of the agreement with GlobalWafers

30.06 The Danish Business Authority has made a decision

23.06 New raw materials agreement

20.06 Receipt of request for convening an extraordinary general meeting

18.06 Updated Articles of Association

17.06 Course of extraordinary general meeting

17.06 Announcement of increased offer from GW and public offer from NSIG

17.06 Public offer from National Silicon Industry Group (in Danish)

17.06 The Board's assessment of the offer from National Silicon Industry Group

16.06 Announcement about offer

16.06 Offer for Topsil's silicon business

15.06 Announcement of proxies

01.06 Major shareholder announcement (translation)

31.05 Interim report Q1 2016

25.05 Notice to convene an extraordinary general meeting on 17 June 2016

24.05 Major shareholder announcement (translation)

23.05 Warrant Programme - updated Articles of Association

23.05 Updated Articles of Association

20.05 Postponement of interim report for Q1 2016

20.05 Agreement on sale of the silicon business

04.05 Warrant programme for Management Board and managerial employees

26.04 Updated Articles of Association

25.04 Decisions of Annual General Meeting

20.04 Announcement

01.04 Notice convening annual general meeting

31.03 Annual Report 2015