IR policies

Topsil has enforced policies and positions in regard to investor relations:

Information and Communication Policy

Cemat's policy for investor communication

The objective of Cemat's policy is to ensure that Topsil is seen as a noticeable, trustworthy, accessible and professional company with a high level of information, a consistent information flow and an open dialogue with its investors. This will provide the best basis for shareholders to assess the company share and achieve a share price that reflects the standing of the company and its future prospects.
The information and communication policy is further to ensure that Cemat meets the disclosure requirements of the share market and that insider knowledge, which must be assumed to affect the price of Cemat's share considerably, is not disclosed to unauthorised persons.

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Dividend Policy

Policy on distribution of dividend

It is Cemat's policy to distribute approximately one third of the profit for the year after tax, thus securing a cash return to shareholders. Distribution of dividend will, however, only be made with due consideration of the capital structure and investment requirements and opportunities to secure the Group's future development and growth.

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