Elected by the employees

Cemat's Board of Directors has two members elected by the employees, corresponding to half of the number of Board members elected by the shareholders. Board members elected by the employees serve for a term of four years, as laid down in the Danish Companies Act. Board members elected by the employees have the same rights, duties and responsibilities as Board members elected by the shareholders and receive the same fee as other Board members.

All employees above the age of 18 who are in continuing employment and have been working for the Company for 12 months prior to the election date are eligible for election to the Board of Directors, except for members of the Management Board and employees working permanently outside Denmark.

If the number of candidates nominated for election equals the number of candidates required, there will be an uncontested election. If there is an equality of votes between the candidates, the election will be determined by the election committee drawing lots. The Board members elected by the employees are eligible for re-election.

Cemat has a permanent election committee which is responsible for conducting the elections correctly and for publishing the result to Nasdaq Copenhagen and registering the Board members with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency.
The term of the current Board members elected by the employees expires in 2019.

See list of Board members.