Cemat A/S

Cemat A/S (previously Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S) is a listed holding company, whose activities are operation, development and sales of the Polish property company CeMat ’70 S.A. in Warsaw. It is the objectives of CeMat ‘70 to prepare the company’s assets for a divestment and sell them off.

CeMat ‘70 owns 133,000 sqm of land and and 41,000 sqm buildings on the outskirts of Wasaw approximately 8 kilometres from the centre of a district called Bielany, which has undergone significant development over the past few years with a large number of housing units and new retail businesses being established. The land held by CeMat ‘70 is classified for industrial purposes. CeMat ‘70 is working to reclassify the land to residential and retail land to include it in the ongoing development of the district.

CeMat ‘70 has around 90 tenants. CeMat ‘70 engages in the letting of premises and land and the provision of utilities, including power, water and gas and facility services, etc. to its tenants.

Latest announcements

14.07.16   Revised notice to convene extraordinary general meeting

08.07.16   Waiver of obligation to proceed with takeover on shares in Cemat A/S

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04.07.16   Entering severance agreements with the managing board of Cemat A/S

01.07.16   Notice to convene Extraordinary General Meeting