Policies and positions

Topsil has enforced policies that set direction for its employees in regard to the external environmment:

Environment Policy

Environment Policy enforced 2010

Topsil continuously strives to reduce the environmental impact of our operations by integrating environmental consideration into any activity with an environmental impact.

We give priority to areas where we believe the effect will be greatest and commit to working methodically to reduce our energy consumption and waste, year on year.

We meet environmental regulations and laws in the countries where we operate, and measure and set targets for our environmental performance.



Quality policy

Quality policy enforced 2010, updated 2012

It is the ultimate goal of Topsil to satisfy the needs of our customers. This is achieved by supplying quality products and services that are among the best on the market, thereby building sustainable business relations. 

Continuous improvements is integrated in every part of our ­value chain. We promote good ideas and will never stop improving our processes and procedures.

We consistently monitor our supply chain with a view to strengthening the link between Topsil, suppliers and customers. We acknowledge that any changes in our supply chain may affect our customers and conduct change management to minimise customer risk.



Safety Policy

Safety Policy enforced 2010

Safety must be a priority for all Topsil employees.

Topsil believes that all injuries are preventable, all health risks are controllable and management is accountable. Topsil also believes that a strong safety culture is an important tool for protecting our products and customers.

Literally speaking, we want our staff to go home from work as healthy as they were when they arrived at their work place. In order to obtain this goal, it is a continuing objective to prevent injuries and work related health risks through structured effective management, administration, education and training.



Diversity Policy

Diversity Policy enforced 2010

Operating globally, Topsil regards adiverse work­force as an asset. We hire on the basis of talent and personality and offer the same possibilities to all employees, regardless of their background, religion, political conviction, gender or age. We encourage that every­body reach their full potential in accordance with personal ambitions and goals.

We promote a work environment of respect and inclusion and expect our employees to act polit­ically and religiously neutral, when acting on the behalf of the company. We acknowledge the right to organise and bargain collectively and do everything in our power to avoid discrimination.



Export Control

Export Control programme enforced 2013

As a global company developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling products that are critical to the semiconductor industry, our success at meeting these expectations depends on the ability to ship our products and deliver our services around the world in an efficient and timely manner, while always complying with international export control laws and regulations.

It is Topsil policy always to comply with international export control laws and regulations. To maintain compliance with such laws, Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S has developed an export compliance program.