Remuneration Committee

In 2012, Cemat set up a Remuneration Committee. It is the duty of the Remuneration Committee to ensure that the remuneration and other benefits to which the members of the Board of Directors and the Management Board are entitled is consistent with the Company's remuneration policy and the performance of the person concerned. The Remuneration Committee submits proposals to the Board of Directors on remuneration for Board members. Finally, the Committee recommends the remuneration policy, including the overall principles of incentive pay schemes for the Board of Directors and the Management Board, for the approval by the entire Board of Directors prior to approval of the shareholders in general meeting.

The Remuneration Committee held one meeting in 2015.


Jens Borelli-Kjær
Chairman of the
Nomination Committee
(born in 1960)

Jens Borelli-Kjær holds a MSc (physics) degree and has business, industrial and general management experience from various industries (building materials, pharmaceutical equipment and electronics).



Michael Hedegaard Lyng, 
Member of the Remuneration Committee
(born in 1969)

Being Group Executive Director (CFO) of NKT Holding A/S and holding an MSc in Business Administration and Auditing, Michael Hedegaard Lyng represents traditional CFO competencies and experience in international listed industrial companies.